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Episode 34: Enterprising your product

You can’t enterprise your product without enterprising your entire company. It’s a multi-year process where every aspect of your business needs to mature and it typically starts with the product. Josh and I address the business functions you will need to upgrade and the impact enterprising has on your product.  

EPISODE 33: Utah Product Report with Becky higgins

If you live or work in Utah you know we have a great product community. In this episode, Becky Higgins joins us to introduce utahproductreport.org and explains why we chose to create it. 

episode 32: Pricing and packaging with Patrick Campbell

Who should be in charge of pricing your product? Patrick Campbell, Co-founder and CEO of ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently) joined us to set the record straight. 

Episode 31: John Cutler

Unconventional. John Cutler is the Hunter S Thompson of the product world and while at Front he joined us to talk about, everything. 

Episode 30: Jared Spool

Jared sparked a tweet storm when he challenged the usage of NPS and he joins us to talk about his article "Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (and What UX Professionals Can Do About It)."

Episode 29: Product vs Service

What defines a product and how does that differ from a service? One of our listeners, Ibrahim Tannira of Ramallah, Palestine asked the question, “is Airbnb a product or a service?” We set out to prove each other wrong - only to end up confused. 

Episode 28: Bob Baxley

“If you're working for a company whose main business strategy is functionality and you're a designer, you’re probably going to be miserable.” Bob Baxley, of Yahoo, Apple and Pinterest, joined us for a wide ranging discussion about culture, social media, metrics and the need for more designers. 

Episode 27: Managing Creativity

How do you create an culture of creativity? In this episode, we are joined by Brian Crofts, the Chief Product Officer at Pendo, and discuss his tips on how to manage creativity.

Episode 26: The Founder's Dilemma

What happens when your side project turns into a really successful startup? Do you have the requisite skills to grow that company? Zach Holmquist, co-founder of Teem, joins us to share his journey from creating an app, company and ultimately letting others take the reigns. 

Episode 25: Prioritization with Radical Product

We are back! Season 2 starts with prioritization. In this episode, we are joined by the founders of Radical Product, Radhika Dutt, Nidhi Aggarwal and Geordie Kaytes. They shared why they created a toolkit which helps us create vision-driven products. Check them out at radicalproduct.com

Season Wrap-up

2017 has been an amazing year. Check out the highlights and what may be coming in 2018. 


Episode 23: Prioritization with Jeff Schwarting and Daniel Falabella

Prioritization of work can be a difficult exercise. Inputs come from many different directions making this process difficult - especially when trying to focus on the critical items. Jeff Schwarting and Daniel Falabella joined us to talk about how they make sense of all the noise and focus on the customer.

Episode 22: Understanding your PM with Blake McClary

How important is the PM/UX relationship? Blake McClary from Instructure joins us to discuss the unique and critical relationship between the PM and UX designer. 

Episode 21: The Fear of Releasing with Taylor Fisher

Why are we afraid to release new product? It seems like we look for any excuse to hold a release even though we know it’s ok. Taylor Fisher from Jane joins to discuss what drives this fear and how we can solve it.

Episode 20: Roles: PM v UX

It’s the age-old discussion about the roles of UX and PM. In this episode, we discuss where they overlap, how do they compliment each other and who is ultimately responsible.

Episode 19: UX Ain’t Nothing New with Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams joins us to discuss his transition from architecture to UX and politely remind us that UX isn't a new practice nor is it unique to software development.

Episode 18: Leadership with KC Jorgensen

Recently there has been a lot of talk about product leadership, but what about the fundamentals leadership? In this episode, we go back to the basics with KC Jorgensen of The Manila Folder to define the qualities that make a good leader.

Episode 17: Betas

This episode discusses when you should run a beta program and when it is ok to not bother doing so. Beta programs are a bottomless topic so expect more on this in future episodes.

Episode 16: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) world continues to rapidly evolve, even pushing into the office spaces of businesses. In this episode, we discuss the differences between consumer IoT experiences and how they differ from the IoT user interactions at work.

Episode 15: UX Bootcamps Part II with Stacy Belding and Jeff Carter

This episode is a continuation of our Bootcamp episode. Here we talk to Stacy Belding, a recent UX bootcamp grad, about what to expect in the first few months as a UX designer following bootcamp. We also learn why Jeff Carter is so comfortable hiring junior UX designers and how he helps them develop into the next generation of UX thinkers.

Episode 14: Bootcamps Part I with Scott fisher, Brandon Beecroft and Ben Peck

UX Bootcamps are growing in popularity but are they properly preparing students for the job market? In this episode, we speak with student (Scott Fisher), Instructor (Brandon Beecroft) and a hiring manager (Ben Peck) about why these are growing in popularity, the curriculum and expectations once bootcamp is over.

Episode 13: The Hidden Costs of Feature Bundles

Early stage startups should consider experimenting and honing pricing before they ever consider packing their solution - especially if the packaged solution is part of a single code base. In this episode we talk about the impact of having a multiple SKUs on a single code base and examine a case study of how to do it and how not to do it: Netflix.

Episode 12: Staying Disciplined to Achieve Your Product Vision

Talking about your vision or goals is the easy part - anyone can do it. The hard part is staying disciplined to achieve that vision or goal. In this podcast we talk about how we stay focused (or not) so that we can achieve our goals.

Episode 11: Stop Whining About Scope Creep

Let's all agree that when the cost to QA and redeploy is higher than the cost to dev it’s ok to allow scope creep. No? Not comfortable about that statement? Here we talk about why it happens and how we get so emotionally charged about this subject.

Episode 10: Development Sprints Suck and Here’s Why

Watching developers work at the end of a sprint is like watching a sales team at the end of a quarter - it’s a scramble. Is this the behavior we want to create for the team who is charged with building the user experience?

Episode 9: The Five Developers Love Language with Anne Nichols

Have you ever wondered how to connect with your development team? In this episode our guest Anne Nichols discusses the work she is doing to build a better understanding of our friends in development. We specifically talk about her article, The Five Developer Love Languages and how we can be better partners.

Episode 8: Front 2017

Front 2017 just wrapped up and we take time to reflect. Front has grown into a great conference for User Experience professionals with amazing case studies and speakers who practice the craft each and every day.

Episode 7: The Future of PM and UX with Steve Kondris and Kevin Springer

Are the roles of product manager and user experience designer starting to overlap? Will we someday see a hybrid role where someone has the skill set of both? This podcast discusses how product management and user experience are colliding and speak with our guests about how their careers have changed or are starting to change.

episode 6: What Product Metrics Should You Track?

KPIs. This is something which can either drive us forward or drive us crazy. In this episode we discuss how to establish KPIs and more importantly, pitfalls to avoid when creating them. We also talk about tools which can help you measure progress.

Episode 5: Business Jargon Bonus

Can we all just agree that certain business jargon should be outlawed? In this bonus episode we discuss the most common terms you will hear in the product world and how much we hate them. Then Josh has an aneurysm as we talk about low hanging fruit.

Episode 4: Product Marketing for Product Managers with Doug Anderson

Not all prod managers have the luxury of working with a product marketers, some are getting accustomed to working with them while others have been doing it for a while but need guidance. This podcast is designed to help product managers understand the role of product marketing and how it contributes to the success of our work. 

Episode 3: How We Arrange User Calls

Do you want to speak with your users but don't know how to get started? In this episode we talk about how we manage this overwhelming task and the tools which help us make it easy for us and enjoyable for the user.

Episode 2: You Don’t Know Who You Are Competing With

In this episode we learn about Josh's experience as a booth babe at a Chicago technology conference and how he realized that competitive analysis can be a waste of time for product managers. We study examples like Southwest Airlines and Slack and how they approached their competitors in very different ways.

episode 1: Are You a Product Manager or a Project Manager?

Have you ever wondered how your product management team stacks up against the rest? In this podcast we define three general categories of product management and by the end you will know exactly where your team sits on the spectrum of product management. Better yet, you will realize what you are missing out on.